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Class Information

 Classes at The Bead Room


  • We run small classes twice a week in the garage studio starting at 10am. Please give me a call on 0416 253 037 for further info!

    We start any Class you wish to do at 10.30am Tuesdays thru Saturday mornings. There are no set days for certain classes so its flexible and convenient for you!

  • Classes must be booked any time during opening hours over the phone or in person and can be booked as one on one or join another group. There is no minimum attendance, but we have a limit of 4 students per day.
  • Our Class fee covers the lesson, an information sheet where available and use of tools.
  • Beads used are added up and payment for the class and beads are made at the end of the Class.
  • As our Class fees are not high and we don’t take deposits or charge cancellation fees, we appreciate you purchasing the beads you need for the Class from us! :)
  • If you need to cancel or postpone, please just give us a call as soon as possible.
  • Of course, you are welcome to purchase all materials and beads any time without a booking during shop opening hours.
  • You are also most welcome to join us at the table to bead without a lesson, (provided there is room) but a $5 tool use fee will be added to your purchases.
  • Highschool aged children are also welcome although we also run Kids Beading Workshops every school holidays! Children are welcome to join in with an adult during their class outside School Holidays and complete a Kit.
  • The kettle is always on... Coffee/Tea Free, Pod Coffee $1, Bottled Water $1.50

Piccies below are representations of the possibilities that can be created... you are free to choose colours and styles of the beads from all the selection available in store....


Basic Techniques/Introductory Beaded Jewellery Making (3 hour class)

Necklace, 2-Strand Bracelet & 2 Pairs Earrings   $30 plus beads


This is our most intense lesson and runs for up to 3 hours and the hardest part is picking your beads!  It is an all round introduction into the lovely craft of creating your own beaded jewellery. You will complete a gorgeous double strand bracelet & necklace using a bead design board and 2 pairs of earrings. The skills you will learn are crimping, attaching clasps, using jumprings, looping and linking, using wire guards & bead tips. Please allow approximately $20 extra for beads. 


IN A HURRY OR NOT SURE? Try a quick one :)

"Quickie Classes"   $10 plus beads (1 hour classes)

Memory Wire Bracelet

Learn how to manipulate this tough wire to create a variety of bracelets simply by changing the size and shape of beads...



Y-Drop Necklace

Simple elegant necklace using beadtips and flexible beading wire...



Art-Slider Bracelet

Double strand bracelet using beadtips and flexible beading wire...


Teardrop Crystal Earrings


Elegant earrings using flexible beading wire and beadtips...



Stretch Elastic Bracelet

Not just for kids bracelets! Stylish and easy to wear bracelets, add charms if you want to too! Learn how to knot it correctly!




Beaded Jewellery Making (Two Hour Classes)



Pin-Wheel Pendant, Step-Up Necklace or Pearl Cluster Necklace $15

Practice your looping/eyepinning! Learn how to create a beautiful pendant or necklace that can be created when you just cant find a piece you like. Great project to practice your loops too. Allow 1.5 hours and up to $15 extra for beads.



Wire Sculptured, Pinned and Woven Ring   $15


In this class you will complete 2 or 3  rings – 1 very blingy pinned ring using a bunch of beads & daisys and a classic elegant ring using 20g wire and a ring madrel and if you’re up for it, a woven Swarovski Crystal Ring. Allow $5-$10 for beads and 2 hours.


Introduction to Wiring Class $20


In this lesson you will be introduced to the world of wire forming using the original Wig Jig and the Coiling Gizmo and other tools such as the Nylon Jaw Plier. You will make wired beads and make a necklace or bracelet out of them, and a pair of Celtic Swirl earrings using the Wig Jig. The Tree of Life Pendant is another option. The basics of wrapping a bead and creating a wire bail will also be shown. Purchase of wire and beads is required to complete this lesson so please allow up to $15 extra and 2 hours.


 Introduction to Chainmaille $15


Learn clever ways to simply connect jumprings together to make eyecatching chainmaille pieces. Allow up to $25 in beads and 2 hours.



Treasure Bracelets ~ Macrame $15

Make funky woven bracelets using a variety of cords and beads. Learn how to end off different cords and make a very handy sliding clasp. Allow 1.5 hours and $10 extra for beads and cords.



Beadwork (Stitching and Embroidery Techniques)

 more pics coming!

Introduction To Peyote Stitch   $15  

This class is a challenge if you’ve never done any sort of weaving. You will get an introduction to the world of off-loom weaving with  tiny size 11/0 Delica beads from Japan and Nymo thread. You will commence a bracelet but will have to complete it later as it does take a few hours. If you wish to complete it in store, you can come  in again when you are ready for no extra charge. You will learn the Peyote Even Count Stitch and you have a choice of colour beads to use. Class fee includes findings. Allow $15 extra for beads, thread & needles, but you can bring your own.



Netted Beaded Beads Bracelet   $15

This is a fun class where you will learn to make beaded beads using the right-angle weave and netted beads with the double thread Figure-8 weave using 6mm firepolish beads, Swarovski crystal and Delica’s. You will then string your darlings into a very dramatic bracelet using tigertail or chain. Allow $15 for beads and up to 2 hours.


Web Stitch Bracelet   $15

This is a simple to learn stitch and uses just 2 types of beads ~ 3mm pearls and Size 15/0 seed beads. You will complete the bracelet at home by simply threading the finished tube onto wire. Allow $15 for beads and up to 2 hours.


Blossom Bracelet ~ Right Angle Weave  $15

This is the introduction to basic Right Angle Weave with a second layer to create flowers.. You will complete the bracelet in class. Class fee includes all findings and stringing. Allow $15 for beads and up to 2 hours.


Herringbone Weave Bracelet   $15  

Herringbone is a stunning stitch that is surprisingly easy. Create beautiful wide flat bracelet using cubes, czech seeds beads and czech firepolish beads. Allow $20 for beads and 2 - 3 hours. 


Lattice Weave Bracelet ~ Fringing   $15      

A beautiful flat wide weave that is based on the fringing technique. Uses czech seed beads and Swarovski Crystal beads as a trim. Allow $20 for beads and 2 hours.  


Cobra Weave Bracelet ~ Flat Spiral    $15

A beautiful weave that creates the effect of a snakes scales. You will complete This bracelet in class and can be adapted into other pieces such as earrings and Pendants. Class fee includes thread and findings. Allow $20 for beads and 2 hours.


Spiral Rope Necklace   $15

A rope is wonderful to know how to do – to use on its own or to customize your own rope to match a pendant. Great stitch to start with needle and thread as a beginner. Class fee includes findings for finishing. Allow up to $15 for beads, thread and needles but you can bring your own. Allow 2 hours.


St Petersburg Stitch Lariat $15



Bezel Set Cabochon   $15

Once you have mastered peyote, you can use it to create bezels around flat back stones. You will be shown the basics of backing fabrics, stitching around the stone using peyote stitch. Piquots and fringing can also be done around the completed stone. Class fee includes findings, backing materials and adhesive. Allow 2 hours and up to $15 for beads, thread & needles but you can bring your own.



Other Jewellery Making Techniques and Crafts

Diamond Glaze Magic! $10

Making your own vintage styled focals and unique components is part of jewellery making and the possibilities are endless with Diamond Glaze. This is a short 1 hour class where you will learn the basics of making your own pendants using glass tiles and cabochons, microbeads and papers in metal bezels. Allow and extra $10 for materials and 1 hour.


The Basics of Crochet  $20

An introduction into the world of crochet for those who have never picked up a hook before. We will cover yarn, accessories, all the basic stitches and complete small swatches of each. You will also learn how to make a granny square following a pattern. Allow 3 hours and up to $20 extra for materials.


Thursday Arvo Session Beading & Crochet   $FREE 

Share, create and chat from 2.30pm to 5.30pm every Thursday afternoon. Please let us know you are coming. This is NOT A CLASS, just a friendly get together of like-minded to do what we love to do best.



Extra Info…
New lessons are developed regularly so keep in touch for any updates. If there are any other techniques that you may need help with and are not covered in the above lessons, they are free of charge (demonstrated only) and they are:
  • Attaching Leather Ends
  • Leather/Cord Knotting
  • Memory Wire Looping/Cutting
  • Folded Crimp
  • Correct Elastic Knotting
Lessons can also be done with any other projects on display in store.